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Debbie's Dog Salon offers a wide range of dog grooming and other treatments including:

  • Full grooms to owners requirements
  • Hand stripping
  • De-shedding
  • Scissoring
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears plucked and cleaned
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Bathing and combing out
  • Clipping


All Dogs are bathed in our Hydrobath which is walk-in therefore no lifting for large or heavy dogs.

The High Power Shower penetrates the coat and massages the skin, promoting better coat and skin condition and leaving your dog clean and sweet smelling.

Hydraulic tables also mean no lifting for large dogs.


All our shampoos are high quality Wahl shampoos and conditioners, which do not contain any harmful detergents. These enhance the dog’s coat leaving it healthy and shiny.

  • Black Gloss for black dogs leaving the coat super shiny
  • White and Bright for white dogs giving a gleaming bright finish, removing any stains
  • Tea Tree excellent for sensitive skins and summer itch problems
  • Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, based on natural ingredients
  • Oatmeal – rich in oatmeal leaving the coat vibrant looking and smelling lovely
We use what is suitable for your dog or you can request any specific shampoo.


Prices vary depending on coat condition, and will be assessed at the start of the visit. The following list is a guide - we cater for most breeds, these are just a few. If your breed is not mentioned here, please phone for a price.

A standard treatment includes nails trimmed, ears plucked and anal glands expressed if required, as well as bathing and clipping etc.

Dogs with matted coats or behaviour problems could incur extra charges due to the extra time involved in the grooming process.


Bichon Frise
£26 - £30
Border Collie
£27 - £34
£16 - £18
Cocker Spaniel
£26 - £28
Jack Russell - bath only
Jack Russell - clipped
£18 - £22
£25 - £28
Lhasa Apso
£24 - £28
£33 - £40
Old English Sheepdog - Clipped
£33 - £40
£25 - £28
£26 - £30
£18 - £22
Poodles: Toy
£24 - £26
Poodles: Mini
£25 - £28
Poodles: Standard
£33 - £40


Old English Sheepdog - Combed out or Scissored: £40 - £50

Mixed breeds POA

Hand Stripping POA

Also available

  • bathing only
  • mini grooms - face, feet, bottom, bathe and brush-up
  • nail trimming only - £4


Cash or cheque on collection, thank you.



This quickly and gently removes the dead hair trapped in the undercoat of your dog’s fur, without cutting the top coat. This not only reduces shedding by 60-80% but also promotes a healthy and shiny coat. The treatment will remove the heavy winter coat and help keep your dog cool and comfortable in the summer heat. This process does not cut or strip the hair and helps restore natural colour and texture whilst stimulating new growth.

It is recommended for the following breeds: Labrador, Collie, German shepherd, Jack Russells, Retrievers etc.

Hand strippedHand Stripping

Hand stripping is available for wire coated breeds, this technique makes room for a new textured coat to grow after the previous coat reaches full length. The difference in coat texture between hand stripping and clipping can be very noticeable.
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